Food Truck Menu


Cheese choices: Whiz, Provolone, American
  • Whizzle

    100% USDA fresh sliced top round steak & choice of cheese

  • Attila the Hen

    chicken cheesesteak with choice of cheese

  • Grizzly

    cheesesteak slathered in ray’s bbq sauce & choice of cheese

  • Fang Bang

    cheesesteak on garlic bread with choice of cheese

  • Torta

    cheesesteak with chili lime crema, tortilla strips & pepper jack cheese

  • Mac n’ Cheesesteak

    cheesesteak with mac n’ cheese smothered on top

  • Winston

    cheesesteak with truffle salt and burrata cheese

  • Tracey (vegetarian)

    seasoned cauliflower with crispy onions & whiz

  • Woo (vegan)

    char sui eggplant with pickled daikon, carrots & miso whiz

Philly's Best Cheese Steak Food Truck